Early On Center Faculty Colloquium

Early On® Center Faculty Colloquium: An Annual Event for Faculty and other key stakeholders to Enhance the knowledge of Early Intervention and the Part C system of IDEA.

Each year, beginning in 2008, the Early On Center for Higher Education has sponsored a day long, state-wide Colloquium for faculty who represent  diverse disciplines in two and four year colleges and universities on a wide range of topics related to early childhood intervention and Part C of IDEA.  

The primary purpose of the colloquium is to build networks within the higher education community and to enhance the knowledge of early intervention so that faculty have access to state of the art research about practices, philosophy and current issues in early intervention which can be embedded into their teaching, college course work and practicum experiences.

The first colloquium was successfully held on September 19, 2008, at Lansing Community College primarily targeting faculty.  Julie Ribaudo, University of Michigan, provided the well received keynote, What is effective early intervention for families of infants and toddlers with disabilities. 

Workshops were also held on such topics as: 

  • an over view of Early On in Michigan
  • disability culture
  • effective ways to form and sustain partnerships presented by a panel of  families and service providers. 

The “Fall Forum”, a state-wide networking gathering was also included in the day’s events sponsored by MiAECTE, MECED and ACCESS.  Instructional activities and resources used to prepare students to  work in early intervention were shared among faculty.

Since 2008, the Early On Center has integrated the one day colloquium into the annual two-day state-wide Early On conference.  This model of bringing faculty, providers, and family members together to share experiences and conversations, and to learn side-by-side strengthens the real world knowledge of early intervention for all key stakeholders and provides valuable networking opportunities.

Each year the Early On Center announces a call for workshop proposals. Faculty and graduate students are encouraged to submit proposals. 

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