Early On Credential Workgroup

The Early On Center for Higher Education created a subcommittee to conduct research on early intervention certification in other states and the potential for such certification in Michigan.  From this work the subcommittee created a Michigan Early Intervention Core Competencies Draft.  This document is currently only a draft that may be used to help guide coursework, training, and other pd opportunities in Michigan.  The Early Intervention Core Competencies Draft has not been approved from the Michigan Department of Education.

Committee members included; Tierney Popp, Stephanie Peters, Dawn Koger, Kelly Hurshe, Sheryl Goldberg, Christy Callahan, and Kari Holmberg.


For more information, please contact Kari Holmberg at holmberg_k@ccresa.org.



Early Intervention Credential Core Competencies - Document
Author/Publisher: Kari Holmberg
February 03, 2016

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