Upcoming EO Center 2020 Webinars

Moving from ZS to B-K: Developing a Preparation Program for the New Birth-Kindergarten Grade Band


Gina Garner, Higher Education Consultant, Education Preparation Unit, Office of Educator Excellence 

Noel Kelty, Director for the Office of Early Childhood Development & Family Education

Views of Everyday Practice: Observations of Early Intervention Services in Michigan and the Roles, Contexts, and Engagement Within


Tricia Foster, OTR/L, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Eastern Michigan University

This webinar presents a view into everyday practice based on findings from the 2018 Early On Faculty Grant research study of early intervention services in Michigan. Using wearable video cameras, service providers recorded their home visits; videos were then analyzed for the routines/contexts utilized throughout the visit, as well as parental role and engagement. Implications and opportunities for practice will be discussed.

Students as Leaders and Advocates: Creating a Website for Teachers and Families


Julie Ricks-Doneen, Assistant Professor, Human Development and Child Studies, Oakland University

In this webinar, instructor and students together will provide an overview of a project that students developed in the undergraduate Professionalism, Leadership and Advocacy course in the Early Childhood Program. Building on prior course experiences, the students developed a website focused on diversity that provided resources for families and teachers. Students worked in teams to develop sections of the website.

Preservice Home Visitor Preparation: Successes and Lessons Learned from Teaching an Undergraduate Home Visiting Course


Kalli Decker, PhD, Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education & Child Services, Montana State University

Join Kalli Decker, PhD, Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education & Child Services, Montana State University as she presents the Early On Center's Coursework Connections webinar on the topic of preparing undergraduate students to enter the field of home visiting. Kalli taught a semester-long course ‘Home Visiting for Families and Young Children’ in spring of 2020. She will provide an overview of the course, including successes and lessons learned. The syllabi used to guide this course, resources, and other ideas will be shared for those interested in incorporating preservice home visiting preparation into a semester-long course or as part of portions of other courses.

April 14, 2020

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