2014-2015 Bite-Size Learning Webinar Recordings

EOT&TA's Bite-Size Learning Webinar recordings related to important topics in early intervention.


  • Creative Approaches to Connecting with Children, Families, and Professionals: Humor at Its Best - 01/20/2015 Presenter: Holly Hoffman, Ph.D., Counseling and Special Education Department, CMU

    This webinar examines the benefits of humor filled interactions for young children, families, college students and professionals.  Discussions include a variety of ways humor may be appropriately included in the learning environment.  Although this is a light hearted topic, there are serious benefits of humor to increase engagement, interest, and learning.  Research and ideas for implementation will be included, with story sharing opportunities available.

  • Ditch the Toy Bag and Get Off the Floor - 01/20/2015 Presenters: Dana C. Childress, M.Ed. and Cori Hill, M.Ed., Virginia Early Intervention Professional Development Center

    Join us to think about how to move early intervention off the floor, out of the toy bag, and into the routines that naturally occur in children and families everyday lives. Come learn practical strategies that link family-centered IFSP outcomes to meaningful intervention that focuses on the learning opportunities that happen throughout each day.

  • Working with Multilingual Families: Myths and Best Practices - 02/17/2015 Presenter: Christy Schweitzer, M.A., CCC-SLP, Coordinator of Pediatric Speech Pathology, Henry Ford Hospitals

    This webinar provides an overview of the definition and types of multilingualism and how that impacts children’s language development.  As early intervention needs to provide appropriate and non-biased evaluation and assessments, what challenges do we have when evaluating young children?  How can we practice dynamic evaluations/assessments?  Also covered will be the why and how we can provide multilingual intervention.

  • Families as Partners in Promoting Language Skills - 03/17/2015 Presenters: Cary Cekola, M.A., CCC-SLP, WMU and Katie Strong, M.A., CCC-SLP, MSU

    This webinar provides a brief overview of language development for children birth to three and highlights the connection of parental involvement in stimulating language development.  Practical strategies and resources that will help to support family partnerships and  also to foster adult learning with parents to promote language development will be shared.

  • Communicating Child Success Between Parent and Provider - 04/21/2015 Presenter: Heather Bird, Early On Center for Higher Ed. Parent Presenter

    Learn about the impact of early intervention through one parent’s involvement with a team of Early On early interventionists.  By participating in this presentation, you will gain an understanding of the collaboration and partnership between family, provider, and community, the impact of positive and negative communication among everyone involved, and benefits of promoting developmental and academic success for each child.

  • Encouraging Trying New Foods - 05/01/2015 Presenters: Suzanne Pish, MA, CFLE and Sarah Sleziak Johnson, MA, provide education through Michigan State University Extension Health and Nutrition Institute

    This webinar will explore the portions of foods then and now and share tips to helping children try new foods.

DiversityEvidence-Based PracticeFamily ExperienceInfant/Toddler Language DevelopmentNatural Environments/Inclusion

Communication DisordersEarly Childhood EducationEarly InterventionFamily StudiesHealth ProfessionsInfant Mental HealthOccupational TherapyPhysical TherapyPsychologySocial WorkSpecial Education

July 29, 2015

Kari Holmberg

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